Favourite Places - Natureland (Skegness)


This is a new feature, called favourite places! Charlie and I drove to Skegness, to celebrate our 6 months together, and we found a little Seal and Wildlife Sanctuary. So on the morning of Saturday January 31st, we set off in the snow and rain down the A158, towards the seaside. To say that this popular seaside town was empty is a massive understatement, the attractions lights were all still on, but no one was around. 

Now I know this sort of atmosphere isn't for everyone, but it’s definitely our favourite time to go to otherwise unbearably busy holiday resorts.  When we arrived at Skegness, we went to the beachfront and walked down to look at all of the dead 'ghost town' attractions, it was so strange. It was snowing at this point, and there were lines down the beach of ice, and it was honestly lovely. We walked along the beach and went to get a coffee, then decided to pop along to Natureland, in no hurry whatsoever. 

When we walked in, a lady, in a little shop-and-reception-thing greeted us, and then the fun began! We had a quick look at the seals and penguins, before going into the Tropical House. Then, just as we were about to enter, you're caught to your right, by the most adorable little creatures. Who were all huddled together under a light for a while, but came out to greet the weird tall, long armed aliens.

This little room was just to the left of the entrance, and was quite spooky as you walk in. Looking straight ahead, you're faced with lizards, spiders and snakes. Moving further around the room, there's a pond, sort of thing - and lots of caimans, a large catfish, and some more tropical creatures. There are pictures on the website of the Tropical House, which you can find >here<

The room was in amazing condition, with a little bridge over the pond, to the exit of the Tropical House (which unfortunately, doesn't have pram/wheelchair access, I'm afraid! But you can get around it by going back to the entrance, and joining your group at the exit to the Tropical House). You're then met again, in the main square where the seals and penguins are situated. Also between the seal and penguin enclosures, is a little seal hospital; which is used to rehabilitate injured and ill seals, and prepare them for integration back into the wild. 

The hospital had the cutest little seals in it, all looking like they were on the way to recovery. Then just around another corner, is where the pet corner was, which didn't really consist of much to be honest, except a few hiding goats and turkeys because of the rain. Still adorable, and lovely to look at for a bit! Next to this, were the Floral House and Tropical Butterflies, which was full of weird plants, and birds, and it was just lovely. The birds’ singing was so beautiful, and they were all really strange tropical birds that I hadn't seen before. 

We must have stayed in these rooms for a good half an hour before going to stare at the seals again, and it was honestly the best day ever. Everything there was so nice and cute, even if it was the end of January and freezing cold. The seals looked so happy and comfortable, and it felt really good to know that they weren't being kept there just for human entertainment, but for rehabilitation. 

After we had a quick second look around everything, we snooped at all of the novelty gifts that were in the reception, and then we headed back to the beach for one last look. I think going to the beach in the winter is going to be a regular thing, not only is everything cheaper, but it’s not packed full of people, and you can actually take your time with visiting attractions like Natureland. I would 100% recommend going to visit the sanctuary; no doubt we will be going again before the summer hits. 

I've made a slideshow of the pictures I took, so feel free to have a browse through them just below! 


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