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I have always been a Lush addict, for about 5 years now, but recently my partner started working for them, and since then our interest has become (if anything) a teeny bit excessive. But anyway, I just wanted to share some of my favourite items for problematic skin. If you know me, you probably know that I have had quite bad acne in the past, which is now controlled my medication (see below if you're curious!); and I 100% understand that having acne can really get you down sometimes, and generally make you not want to leave the house. Because I've had it for so long, and it's somewhat controlled, I am really open with it. It's a medical condition, it's not about hygiene, or diet, and it never ever will be about your weight (and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!). 

If your skin is determined to be angry, it really doesn't matter what you do to try and control it, but there are a few things that can try to hold back a storm, or just perk up your skin to maintain a good streak - and more importantly, they make you feel lovely. 

I just want to say before I start rambling, how thankful I am to the people of LUSH, and how lovely they can be, and how they understand that although acne isn't a topic that people always want to talk about, it's nothing nothing at all to be embarrassed about. When I was younger I discovered very quickly that with any insecurity you have, there is always going to be people that will use it against you; and I really understand how bloomin' crap it can make you feel, but because you have this condition you are getting the opportunity to learn how to properly take care of your skin - whereas the other people will be old and wrinkly by 40 (well, we can hope). 

Right then, the first product I want to talk about is Catastrophe Cosmetic, a face mask from LUSH specifically designed for problematic skin. This lovely clay-textured face mask is made from chamomile, rose, calamine, blueberries and almond oils; all brilliant for calming your angry face very quickly! I only used it tonight, but my skin went from a grumpy red shade, to a normal skin colour with only one angry fresh spot (and that's because we've had a few wild nights out, and alcohol stops my medication working.... Oops). It's really simple to use, but I find that it's a lot easier to paste onto your lovely mug with a bit of water, because it's quite similar to clay, and then you let it dry on your skin for about 15 minutes, or until it goes hard and flaky. My skin went to it's natural pale colour, and it's really matte and soft, which is awesome when you're trying to be light on the make up for a few days (or forever maybe?!). If you have any bad reactions be sure to mention it in the comments below, as it might not be for everyone! I tried to take a selfie but the lighting is shocking, so here's a little one of  Charlie & I...

Onto the next one, another from LUSH, this one is called BB Seaweed and is another brilliantly calming face mask, but isn't necessarily for problematic skin, just a nice treat for it. I found that it also makes your face a bit brighter for a day or two after, and who doesn't love that? The texture of this mask is a little more liquid, rather than clay, which makes it a little easier to make your face all gorgeous and evenly covered. As the name would suggest, the mask is made from seaweed, which is where the revitalisation comes from, making you look all fresh faced 'n' such; but also the mask has almond, which are lovely and calming for angry skin. I use this one as more of a regular mask, because as people with acne understand, my skin is always that teeny bit grumpy with me. But this would be a good one for people who don't have acne, to just soothe with the aloe, and brighten from the seaweed. Same rules apply as before, make yourself a brew and read a book for 15 minutes or so whilst the mask hardens, and then scrub off to exfoliate your skin.

Now, after all of that exfoliating and cleansing, your skin needs something cold and refreshing to close your pores to avoid them getting all clogged up, and causing more trouble. My solution to this is Eau Roma Water, which is again specifically designed for troublesome skin, using rose and lavender water to soothe and reduce redness. Mostly people use toner on a cotton pad or tissue and wipe it over the skin, but I find it easier to just spray it on my face and let it dry, as my face can be somewhat red and irritated initially after exfoliation of harsh cleansing; this also eliminates any chance of dirt getting into your skin while it's vulnerable. 

Finally, to complete my skincare routine, I generally use Enzymion, which is an awesome all-rounder moisturiser that doesn't leave my face oily after. Predominantly made from lemon, it's designed to provide a matte finish, but it also contains light oils to give your skin that added moisture that it'll probably need after being deeply cleansed. Also enzymion works just right under make up, whereas others I have tried make my foundation sit on top of my face, and then come off really quickly because of the oil layer. I have tried a troubled skin targeted moisturiser from LUSH (Skin's Shangri La), but the combination of ingredients didn't work for me at all, and it left my skin greasy and sticky; but it does have a lot of positive reviews so it's worth getting a small pot or a tester and seeing how it goes!

Just a quick thing, I also use Lidl (Beauty Iseree) sensitive facial wipes... They were initially part of a jokey-lidl-themed Birthday present from my mum, but they are actually wonderful. They rip my make up straight off, and they are so much better than the Soap and Glory ones I normally use. At the minute because my skin is behaving, I'm only wearing Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, because it lasts the whole day and really just looks like I'm wearing foundation. In with my normal setting powder (Natural Collection Loose Powder in Cool) I mixed a little Powdered Sunshine, just to provide me with a light SPF for the summer months. 

If you made it this far into the post then congratulations! (and a massive thank you for reading). I hope to be blogging more now, and we have a lot of LUSH products to talk about.... 


Products Used

Catastrophe Cosmetic

BB Seaweed

Eau Roma Water

Collection 2000 Concealer

Natural Collection Powder

Powdered Sunshine

*** The medication I am on is prescribed to me, and should not be taken unless prescribed because it is for a specific type of acne. But for all of those who want to suggest it to their doctor, I'm on Lymecycline 408mg hard capsules ***

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