Word Vomit: Pledge Decrim


Pledge Decrim is a petition to decriminalise sex work altogether, which would mean that sex work would continue the way it does, but the sex workers would have the same benefits as someone in any other job. Sex work has always been deemed invalid or wrong, partly due to sexism, but also due to the criminalisation of related activities to prostitution within the UK. Within the Great Britain prostitution is currently legal, but the activities that often come with prostitution to run a business, are illegal. Northern Ireland also had these laws until recently, but they criminalised prostitution completely in January 2015.

Decriminalisation of sex work is a long time coming, to provide a safe work environment for the sex workers, and to also provide them with the benefits that they should be entitled to (such as; health care, legal recognition). Also, this would provide them with basic essentials that all people are entitled to, by trying to defeat discrimination of this kind of work. This would help in cases of rape, because often rape accusations are dismissed if the victim is a sex worker, but people need to understand that sex workers still have the right to say no, like any human does. 

Dehumanising sex workers by invalidating their job title, also invalidates their rights in the eyes of the law, and the opinions of the general public; sex workers often don't even report rape, as they know it will be dismissed or ignored by law enforcement due to their occupation. Although I understand that we have come a long way with progress in this field, and often clients of sex workers are charged for rape that they commit, the discrimination is still prominent, and legalising sex work would highlight just how much sex workers suffer, due to the invalidation of their occupation. 

I could ramble on forever about this issue, but please go ahead and read about it on Pledge Decrim, and please please please sign the petition. There's more information on Prostitutes Collective. Thank you for listening to me verbal vomit about something that I'm really passionate about. x

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