Word Vomit: Relationships, we don't need no stinkin' relationships!


I think this is going to be a new feature, where I basically put all of the bollocks that I think about into paragraphs on various topics. It'll be short and sweet, unless I get carried away, but I hope you like it. Comment any suggestions that you think I should be talking, and/or thinking about!

Recently I was tweeting some word vomit, and I ended up having a big think about relationships as a whole, and the weird assumptions that we make about them to determine their health. For instance, one drunken night Charlie and I clashed because my intoxicated ears believed that his intoxicated mouth spoke to me in a funny tone. After a series of expletives I went to get some air, and then re-joined our friends in the kitchen where we were pre-drinking. A few minutes went by and people started to ask after Charlie (who was in the room at this time), 'I dunno' my slightly hazy and very sassy tone was observed and people immediately caught on.

The thing is, is that after ten minutes or so, Charlie and I forgot about this whole thing, and the night just continued. But other people seemed interested in what we argued about, and why, and all of the bloomin' ins & outs. It's like people thought this was an issue, or even a 'thing' - but to Charlie and I it was just a really fun night out. Everyone is guilty of doing it, we all assume something is wrong when we hear a couple argue (except if it's our parents???? ?? ?) but really, arguing is just a side effect of putting two people together for a long period of time. Especially if they live together.

Another thing people are weird about in relationships, is sex. For some people, sex isn't necessary for a stable relationship, for others it is - and that's perfectly okay! Thinking less of people because sex is important to them within their relationship is just ignorant, don't underestimate how powerful sex and intimacy can be. Different people need different things, whether it's physical love and/or non-physical love, neither is better or worse. People often assume that heavily sexual relationships are unhealthy in some way, and the people in the relationship are using sex to avoid that, but there's no reason why this would be the case.

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