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The new haircare products came into Lush last week, and Charlie treated me to a hot oil treatment, called Damaged. My hair is a bit of a sensitive subject for me, because when I went through my 'bright red' hair phase age 14-16, my hair suffered the consequences. Then one evening, me and my mum took to stripping the red out, only to be left with a gold coloured, shiny mass of straw... Not the look I was going for...
Ever since then, I've been tasked with growing out the horrible-ness, dying it occasionally to even out the colour, but nothing permanent or too out there. Over the years, I've used every Aussie treatment & conditioner under the sun. The best hair care product I've found to date, though, is the Schwarzkopf got2be Oil-licious Tame & Shine Oil, which compared to other oil's I've tried is definitely the best one (quality wise, and value for money). 

I know my blog at the minute (and Instragram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) may seem like Lush sponsor me or something, but up until now I've thought their hair care was pretty poor. For shampoo, I used Big & Copperhead, oh and I love R&B, but the conditioners just weren't heavy enough for me. I think we've been through 2/3 pots of Retread in about 2 months, which just isn't cost effective at all for something that isn't really that great for my hair.

Yesterday I treated my hair to a full hot oil treatment using Damaged, shampoo-ed out using Jersey Bounce, and a little dressing using Hair Custard. All new products for me, so this was very experimental. The reasoning behind Jersey Bounce is because I love Big, it makes my hair so bouncy and alive, but it was a bit too tough on my scalp, making it itchy & a little flaky - so Charlie bought me a tester of Jersey Bounce (which smells ammmaaaazzzzing).

Damaged is made out of extra virgin olive oil, and almond & avocado oils, making it the perfect intense treatment for damaged hair. I definitely think I will be using again, but I think it's something you've really got to love for £6.50 a pop, it's not something I could do weekly. (But if you can, then I can't imagine it would hurt!)

Charlie is the official 'Lushie' so I let him take over with the hot oil treatment... we used a little black pot, and filled about half of it with boiling water (they recommend less, but I have a lot of hair!), and gently stirred the stick until the mixture melted off of the stick. It's a really strange process to watch, but really interesting! The block turns into a thick oily mousse, that you paste into your hair. If you've ever used a foaming hair dye, it's similar to that, just a little thicker. 

Note: I didn't know what effect the oil would have on fabrics so I used things I don't care about, I recommend using an old towel, and be careful not to get it on any untreated wood, or flooring. Oil usually stains, so it's not worth the risk!

We stirred the pot at intervals, and left it to sit for a few minutes at a time to thicken. Once it is fully thickened (see the photo below) let the mixture cool, it may not seem that hot on your fingers but your scalp is a lot more sensitive so it'll hurt! I (well, technically Charlie) started at the ends of my hair, as that's where it was most needed. We didn't want to oil my scalp too much, as my hair doesn't take long to get greasy anyway.

& on it went! It didn't feel weird or irritate my scalp, and it wasn't itchy like dye is... Just felt like a leave in conditioner. We left it for around 20 minutes to let it soak in, and develop, then I jumped in the shower. When I first started washing it out, it felt incredible. I know I keep referring to hair dye, but you know the conditioner samples that come in most hair dyes? Imagine washing that out X1000, my hair was like silk. After I'd washed the majority of the oil out, I wacked in the Jersey Bounce, and scrubbed it into my scalp. 

Remember: Shampoo is for your scalp, conditioner is for your hair. Shampoo dries hair out, so wash as little of your hair as possible!

Then comes the hair custard! If you manage to get into a Lush store, give this a smell, it's delicious. It smells like really sweet, sugary custard, and it makes your hair smell exactly the same. Although I'm not a fan. I used Hair Custard like I would use R&B, but a little lighter as I'd heard rumours that it makes your hair crunchy or sticky, and that it's generally too heavy for your hair. Don't get me wrong, it did it's job, but you have to be really careful on how much you use, and where. I used about 4 fingertips on the ends of my hair, and ended up having to rinse it out of one chunk as even that was too much, take that as you will...

I mean, I'll give it another go to make a definite decision, but I wouldn't use it if I had somewhere to be the next day, because you just can't risk your hair looking like you've dipped it in something sticky. So quite ironically, this seems to be too thick, so I think I'll stick to R&B for now. 

Overall I love the results on my hair, it's a lot brighter (and a little more ginger?), and definitely feels stronger under the wrath of my hair brush, instead of just breaking or tearing. I'm definitely going to get another hot oil treatment soon, and maybe I'll brave the custard once more! Just a short one today I'm afraid, but if you have any experiences that you want to share with any of these products, then please comment below. Thanks guys! x

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