Word Vomit: Pizza Dough, Milkshakes & Pimms


In a phase of trying to appreciate each day as it comes, and focus on the good, rather than the not-so-good. Remember that general rambling that we talk about? Yeah... This is it... But if I can share a few nice things that have been going on for me, and motivate you to do a few nice things for yourself, then I have achieved, so away we go! 

1. Charlie surprised me with some Pizza Dough when I got in from work the other day, he used a Jamie Oliver recipe (la di da) & it may have been the best thing I've eaten since, well, ever. He went all out and bought an Italian meat selection too, so he is definitely the better half of this relationship. We hand crafted our messy pizzas, and this was my result (I know, but it did taste amazing). For a sauce, we used squirt of puree, passata, and some basic herbs & spices, just to brighten it up a bit. If you want to give pizza a go, here's the recipe we used.

2. Whilst Charlie was creating his masterpiece of a pizza, I made this little hotpot of goodness. When we moved in, we bought a load of John Lewis crockery, thinking we were going to be cooking hearty soups every other day. It didn't really turn out like that, so this thing has been gathering dust, so I decided to liven it up! I chucked half a bottle of Pimm's in, with half a bottle of lemonade, and all of the essential Pimm's ingredients (bar the berries... too poor for that...). The outcome was magical, we were dipping mugs in all night & managed to get through the whole bottle.

3. If you live in Lincoln, or your ever near this neck of the woods, be sure to stop off at Eskimoo. They will turn any of your childhood chocolate bars into a delicious milkshake, with ice cream & sprinkles if you please. We usually go for a cookie monster, made out of cookie dough, diary milk caramel, and chocolate ice cream. It's not exactly healthy, but amazing none the less, who really cares about sugar when something tastes that good???

So that's really it from me, but keep your ears & eyes peeled for more posts over the next few days. I'll then be heading to Australia for a few weeks on Tuesday, but I'm sure you'll hear all about that when I get back! x

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