5 Things I've Been Loving


Too often I am quick to jump of the negative things that are going on in my life, or in other people's, and get tied up with them so much that they can fester and seem like everything is going wrong. But I am motivated to convince myself that stuff isn't really that bad, so I'm going to ramble a bit about what I've been loving; enjoy!


Since recently becoming vegan, I've been out for dinner only once, but I have been astonished whilst looking around at the amount of places where I can actually eat. Our local pasty shop even serves a vegan alternative, and I think that is just so amazing. It means that I can actually go out for a shop with Charlie, and when we would normally get a chicken bake from Greggs (healthy, I know...) I can get a massive wholemeal vegetable pasty! The popularity of Vegan and Vegetarianism is booming at the minute, so embrace it, and let others know where we're able to eat, because there only seems to be a few decent resources for that sort of thing! Also Caffe Nero have a wide selection of soya drinks, including a Mocha, because even their chocolate powder is Vegan (according to the man in the shop...)


I've been going into The Body Shop a lot more recently because they had a sale on, and also I was waiting for a restock of the Shade Adjusting Drops, which has now been fulfilled and is in my bag! But whilst I've been going in I've been having more and more of a look around, and noticed that I love their make up range, and their brushes. I know that The Body Shop's official stance on animal testing is very good, but they have been involved in quite a few 'scandals' so I'd definitely do more research before replacing my whole make up & brush collection, but I feel like I'll be spending a bit more time and money in there soon. Watch this space...


Mother's Day is nearly here, so Lush have jumped at the chance to amaze us with new fragrance combinations & magical potions that will stain our baths (although we still flock to show our appreciation, obviously). With Charlie, my partner, working for them we've already got quite a healthy stock of Mother's Day goodies, like the revamped Yummy Mummy. There's too much to list, but head over to Instagram @pollylush to see more of the same.


If you follow my blog, you'll probably have seen the previous post that goes into a certain depth of my mental health, and how I've recently had a stint of depression to deal with, so ever since that happened I've been absolutely crap at cooking for myself. I've lived off chips, ready meals, pasta, crisps, and general salty brown foods that are easy to bung in the microwave. But now with me being vegan, I can't do that, I've finally kicked that awful habit (for now...). I now cook for myself, and I'm really enjoying doing it, and educating myself on all of these amazing foods that I love, that love your body back. I'd definitely encourage taking charge of your eating if you're stuck in a brown food rut, but make sure that you're eating enough, it's easy to slip into bad habits and go from one extreme to the other.


I've noticed that I am endlessly more positive when I do something as soon as I wake up, and I'm out of the house and in the sunlight. I'd hate to say that my mum was right all of these years, but sunlight is so blooming good for the mind. Being out of the house really gets me thinking, and I'm really enjoying having the time to have a good think. I think about so much, and I love the feeling of stretching the mind to it's limits. I'm determined not to sound like one of those people who says that all of your problems will be fixed if you go for a walk once a day, because obviously mental illness is so much more complicated than that. But please, open the curtains, watch the clouds move, listen to the wind, watch a tree. The infinite detail of nature is beautiful, and I think seeing that can make such a difference for some people.

Be sure to let me know where you have been eating Vegan/Vegetarian foods at if they're out, or takeaways, or your local supermarket even! 

Be safe, lovelies x

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